Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letting Grace Find You :)

Think of Grace like a shark and you are in the ocean.  The "blood" grace-shark looks for is peace, rest, and gratefulness.  Grace can sense your preace, your rest, and your goodness of gratefulness.   Start bleeding; let grace find you. :)

If you'd like to accept Jesus into your life today, pray this simple prayer of God's love and grace today: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for all my sin; now Lord I invite you into my heart. Come and be my everything today and forever. Forgive my sin as I make You and you alone Lord in my life. Amen. Now read the book of God's love in the Bible: The book of John chapters 1-21. God promises He will guide your life. Pray and ask God to bring the right people into your life. God will guide you to the right church full of people who love His words in the Bible. Our God is so faithful. God bless you today.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Believe More in Grace :)

WE all need to believe more in grace.  It is great! In fact, I believe you can not ever believe too much in grace!  Grace does more than we could ever do for ourselves.  I know how much we love believing in ourselves and what we can or want to do, but we can't share our story with grace.  If grace saves you, it's got to save you ALL THE WAY!  Grace is grace after ALL!

Grace is crazy! Grace is fun! It goes all the way and way beyond! Grace lives on the edge, but yet lives to display the love of God!  We could all believe and trust in grace a little more!  Grace makes you smile.  Grace makes you really laugh!  That's all grace knows how to do anyway.  :)  Lean more on grace.  Trust that grace knows what he's doing.  Grace has a story with a happy ending for you.  Give up and let grace come in.  Let your story be a story of grace that God bestowed down to you and all your loved ones.

Truth is, we all need to believe a lot more in grace! All you need is love, but love comes as a result of grace and its grace that comes as a result of love.  Without grace, we'd know nothing about love.

I'm a believer in grace.  Bless you as you believe today! ;)  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Practice Loving People :)

It's not our responsibility to figure people out..It's our responsibility to practice loving people.  We see people who are so different from us, we can think so many things, but it's best to be reminded how much God loves that person, no matter how differently we think about them.  God doesn't just practice love; God IS love!

It's our responsibility to laugh and to smile; that is how we show people how great is our God!  Exercise laughter in your life.  Exercise your cheeks today with a great big smile!  The more you do it the more you will see abundance in your life.  I heard a preacher say, real faith is displaying satisfaction in the things you are believing for just as if you had them all right now; and it's this kind of faith that pleases God.  Your contentment gets God's attention!    Exercise contentment.  Exercise contentment so much until it astounds!  In other words, when you fix your eyes on complete contentment, everything else will fade away and die out, but you will find yourself shining!

Exercise accepting others. If you have a problem with this, start with accepting yourself and begin watching and admiring others who are good at accepting and enjoying the people God has placed in their lives.  Many positive people on television are very good at this.  Find out ones whom you admire and copy or mimic if you have to practicing and discovering what they do.  It's a muscle!  Practice accepting people today, understanding how much God actually loves that person.  Understand this:  God enjoys us!   God can't get enough of us that He is around us every moment of every single day and has already made up His mind to enjoy us for an eternity! Get that way down inside of you...I'm talking a kind of love which is so deep, an unsearchable sea of astonishment in love.  God loves and did you know, the more we exercise our love, the more we grow in this love! How Great is our God.

Remember this:  it's just exercise!  The more you practice it, the stronger you become.  Only let your decision drive this desire.  Practice two things (1) being completely content and grateful in your life with your own.  And (2) practice loving others and be in competition with other around you in displaying gratefulness for the people God placed in your life until that muscle just catches people off guard.  Love others and you will be amazed at the new birth of joy you find in your life and the new garden of happiness that sprung forth from your very life!  I'm excited for your life right now!!  Can't wait to hear about how God is blessing your life today!

God bless you today :)  

Please enjoy the lyrics to my new song:  New Happiness

New love beyond all measure
New joy beyond your dreams
Fulfilling all together
the spaces in between

Grace beyond all measure
Grace you've never seen
Grace filling all together
the spaces in between
And New Happiness  is what I got; it what I got
New Sun Shine is what I got, it's what I got
Sing it back to me now, now, now

Now we can dance together
Now we can sing together
I know we will be together forever

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sharpen Once and Cut 40 times? Or Sharpen 40 times and Cut Once?

In life we have a choice.  Or I should say we have tasks; daily tasks in life that we feel we have to do, kind of the daily grind.  Inside of us though our passions and dreams and we have the choice to use them and marvel in God's goodness as we do what God has placed in our hearts to do.  But this dream and goal that we have comes with a responsibility on our part.  We need to fan the flame, sharpen our sword, and work towards excellence prayerfully along with others who are doing the same.   You have seen the title of this post...I would argue that most people are like the first question:  They know God is faithful and will do what he said he would do, but they use this knowledge, in a way, against God and do nothing to nurture, manage, or steward the dream or gift that God gave.  They sharpen their gift or sword once and cut once and find extreme frustration and pray to God saying "Hey, nothing's happening God! When God??!!  When is this going to happen to me!?"  But God is saying, "Hey! Hey!  Slow down!  Don't yell at me saying, 'God, what are you doing??!'  I gave you that gift to steward it!  I gave Adam the garden, but then I said to him, 'This garden is yours, for you, now steward it!'"   Now I gave you that dream to be a good wife or mom.  I gave you that dream to teach, to preach, to show kindness, to communicate well with others...now steward it!" Sharpen your sword!  Now, our dream works just like a sword.  If the sword is not used and sharpened, it's cut is NOT impressive.   So what shall we do?   


Focus on sharpening your sword, keep sharpening!  Read about others in the Bible who did the same and worked towards excellence, (David, Apostle Paul, Joseph) Read the word of God, pray, and work at your gifts, so that when you speak to others or give your performance, it's like you cut finely in such a God breathed excellence that inspires and impacts others for Christ and His glory!

You see, people coin this phrase,  "You only have one shot in this life"  so many times. But I believe is another far greatly important side to this coin.  I believe that God wants to make us and mold us and encourage us and use us and that He helped us to refine so well, that when we approach any opportunity, we won't see it as our "once shot", but rather our opportunity and a "once in a lifetime chance" for EVERYONE ELSE AROUND  US TO WITNESS AND SEE HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD THROUGH WHAT GOD HAD BEEN PREPARING US TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE IN DISPLAY OF THE GLORY OF GOD IN OUR LIVES.  You see, life is not about one chances, it's about inspiring others to see our lives and performance as not our one chance but theirs to witness; it is after all, the work of GOD ALMIGHTY, CREATOR OF THE HEAVENS AND ALL THE EARTH.  

God wants to use you to give other people a 1000 times a "once in a life time" experience through you: Give to the world a thousand times over, their "once in a life time" opportunity.   God wants people to say, "Oh my goodness (insert name) is coming by! Let's go to see him/her! Who knows when they'll be coming back around our area!"   God doesn't want you to look at others anymore to see what you can get from them.  God wants YOU to be that person that others in the world look at and hope they can be and have the opportunity to witness and be blessed because of the gift God gave you that you let improve to excellence.  I believe our opportunity to refine our gift and the reason why God doesn't "refine the gift for us" is because he wants us to also receive the gift of OWNERSHIP.  This is very important: ownership, responsibility, and stewardship is also very honorable and grants respect from others and glory to the King.  

Won't you join me in being responsible to pray as you take the baby steps towards excellence in your area of life today. 

God bless you

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hitting The Mark

Look at the target above.  Now think about this:  If you went further than this mark, higher than this mark, wider than this, that sounds great! Sounds like you're going to do better than the mark! There's only one problem, you missed the mark!   In order to hit the mark, you have to be exact; it's not about doing more; it's about obedience.  Saul did what he thought was more or "even better" than what God had asked him to do when he kept some of the best belongings from his enemies...there's only one problem; God asked him to destroy "everything"!  It's not what God said for him to do.

I was running today, and in my heart of hearts I knew I was supposed to only run 3 miles; but when I approached a turn after the 2nd mile, I was tempted to go further than 3 miles;  I thought to myself, "3 miles is nice, but I know I can do much more!  Then I could be in even more shape than ever for today!"  There's only one problem:  it's not the mark set for the day and little do i know how much 1 extra miles can turn into 7 and leave me with less or no energy to be effective during my day.

God tells us, "I have this small thing for you to do.  Why won't you do it?"  It is often our pride that jumps in the way and blocks us from seeing the minuscule thing God has for us to do that makes a world of difference because we are thinking about something colossal.  Example:  We are thinking about going out and feeding the hungry on the weekends in a big city somewhere while channel 11 coincidentally is stationed to film our so humble charity to the poor while on live TV!  But God only wants us to simply wake up and talk with Him in the morning; and read a scripture in the morning...something small that makes a world of more difference than feeding the hungry or an entire nation for that matter!

Don't think that what God has is too hard or difficult for you.  Simple obedience is what God has for you.  His yoke is easy, meaning, His greatest direction is often found not in the hustle and busy bustle, but in stillness and in a whisper.  As you pray, please allow God to use you what small things, small baby steps of obedience God has for you to do today.  It may be something so simple and seemingly minuscule as taking out the garbage...but won't you do it??

So hit the mark!  This also means: be yourself!  When talking with someone, don't try to be overly kind, overly clever, people can sense it and it will make little or even lesser difference in the end.  Just be you and I believe God will honor it because you are hitting the mark!  The mark is an easy thing the Lord has for us, it's our daily bread, or our daily purpose.  As you pray, ask God to en"lighten"  your heart of the things that are really just extra weights, waists of time and space in your heart and mind, and ask God to strengthen your mini-mission, your mission for the day.  God will bless your prayer because it is a prayer of obedience!  A prayer to be obedient to only God in humility today.  God bless you! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We All Need Alittle Grace and Truth

The Spirit of grace and truth is taking over your life now.  We all need alittle.  What is grace and truth producing in your life?  Think about it:  the sign of grace and truth is just what you think: laugh.  God likes to make his people laugh the most healthy and wholesome laughter.  Laughter comes from two things: truth and grace.  Get ready! God is overflowing your life with grace and truth today.

God bless you