Saturday, August 24, 2013

Believe More in Grace :)

WE all need to believe more in grace.  It is great! In fact, I believe you can not ever believe too much in grace!  Grace does more than we could ever do for ourselves.  I know how much we love believing in ourselves and what we can or want to do, but we can't share our story with grace.  If grace saves you, it's got to save you ALL THE WAY!  Grace is grace after ALL!

Grace is crazy! Grace is fun! It goes all the way and way beyond! Grace lives on the edge, but yet lives to display the love of God!  We could all believe and trust in grace a little more!  Grace makes you smile.  Grace makes you really laugh!  That's all grace knows how to do anyway.  :)  Lean more on grace.  Trust that grace knows what he's doing.  Grace has a story with a happy ending for you.  Give up and let grace come in.  Let your story be a story of grace that God bestowed down to you and all your loved ones.

Truth is, we all need to believe a lot more in grace! All you need is love, but love comes as a result of grace and its grace that comes as a result of love.  Without grace, we'd know nothing about love.

I'm a believer in grace.  Bless you as you believe today! ;)  

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