Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hitting The Mark

Look at the target above.  Now think about this:  If you went further than this mark, higher than this mark, wider than this, that sounds great! Sounds like you're going to do better than the mark! There's only one problem, you missed the mark!   In order to hit the mark, you have to be exact; it's not about doing more; it's about obedience.  Saul did what he thought was more or "even better" than what God had asked him to do when he kept some of the best belongings from his enemies...there's only one problem; God asked him to destroy "everything"!  It's not what God said for him to do.

I was running today, and in my heart of hearts I knew I was supposed to only run 3 miles; but when I approached a turn after the 2nd mile, I was tempted to go further than 3 miles;  I thought to myself, "3 miles is nice, but I know I can do much more!  Then I could be in even more shape than ever for today!"  There's only one problem:  it's not the mark set for the day and little do i know how much 1 extra miles can turn into 7 and leave me with less or no energy to be effective during my day.

God tells us, "I have this small thing for you to do.  Why won't you do it?"  It is often our pride that jumps in the way and blocks us from seeing the minuscule thing God has for us to do that makes a world of difference because we are thinking about something colossal.  Example:  We are thinking about going out and feeding the hungry on the weekends in a big city somewhere while channel 11 coincidentally is stationed to film our so humble charity to the poor while on live TV!  But God only wants us to simply wake up and talk with Him in the morning; and read a scripture in the morning...something small that makes a world of more difference than feeding the hungry or an entire nation for that matter!

Don't think that what God has is too hard or difficult for you.  Simple obedience is what God has for you.  His yoke is easy, meaning, His greatest direction is often found not in the hustle and busy bustle, but in stillness and in a whisper.  As you pray, please allow God to use you what small things, small baby steps of obedience God has for you to do today.  It may be something so simple and seemingly minuscule as taking out the garbage...but won't you do it??

So hit the mark!  This also means: be yourself!  When talking with someone, don't try to be overly kind, overly clever, people can sense it and it will make little or even lesser difference in the end.  Just be you and I believe God will honor it because you are hitting the mark!  The mark is an easy thing the Lord has for us, it's our daily bread, or our daily purpose.  As you pray, ask God to en"lighten"  your heart of the things that are really just extra weights, waists of time and space in your heart and mind, and ask God to strengthen your mini-mission, your mission for the day.  God will bless your prayer because it is a prayer of obedience!  A prayer to be obedient to only God in humility today.  God bless you! :)

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