Friday, August 23, 2013

Practice Loving People :)

It's not our responsibility to figure people out..It's our responsibility to practice loving people.  We see people who are so different from us, we can think so many things, but it's best to be reminded how much God loves that person, no matter how differently we think about them.  God doesn't just practice love; God IS love!

It's our responsibility to laugh and to smile; that is how we show people how great is our God!  Exercise laughter in your life.  Exercise your cheeks today with a great big smile!  The more you do it the more you will see abundance in your life.  I heard a preacher say, real faith is displaying satisfaction in the things you are believing for just as if you had them all right now; and it's this kind of faith that pleases God.  Your contentment gets God's attention!    Exercise contentment.  Exercise contentment so much until it astounds!  In other words, when you fix your eyes on complete contentment, everything else will fade away and die out, but you will find yourself shining!

Exercise accepting others. If you have a problem with this, start with accepting yourself and begin watching and admiring others who are good at accepting and enjoying the people God has placed in their lives.  Many positive people on television are very good at this.  Find out ones whom you admire and copy or mimic if you have to practicing and discovering what they do.  It's a muscle!  Practice accepting people today, understanding how much God actually loves that person.  Understand this:  God enjoys us!   God can't get enough of us that He is around us every moment of every single day and has already made up His mind to enjoy us for an eternity! Get that way down inside of you...I'm talking a kind of love which is so deep, an unsearchable sea of astonishment in love.  God loves and did you know, the more we exercise our love, the more we grow in this love! How Great is our God.

Remember this:  it's just exercise!  The more you practice it, the stronger you become.  Only let your decision drive this desire.  Practice two things (1) being completely content and grateful in your life with your own.  And (2) practice loving others and be in competition with other around you in displaying gratefulness for the people God placed in your life until that muscle just catches people off guard.  Love others and you will be amazed at the new birth of joy you find in your life and the new garden of happiness that sprung forth from your very life!  I'm excited for your life right now!!  Can't wait to hear about how God is blessing your life today!

God bless you today :)  

Please enjoy the lyrics to my new song:  New Happiness

New love beyond all measure
New joy beyond your dreams
Fulfilling all together
the spaces in between

Grace beyond all measure
Grace you've never seen
Grace filling all together
the spaces in between
And New Happiness  is what I got; it what I got
New Sun Shine is what I got, it's what I got
Sing it back to me now, now, now

Now we can dance together
Now we can sing together
I know we will be together forever

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