Monday, September 2, 2013

Being Fruitful Means: Enjoy Your Life :)

The first command to man was this:  Be fruitful and increase in number!

As I looked at the Spanish word for "to enjoy", I noticed that in Spanish "to enjoy" means "disfrutar".   The prefix "dis" usually means "from" and obviously "frutar" coming phonetically from the word "fruta" which is "fruit" in Spanish.  Even if for coincidence, one can make the simple connection for the reason why "fruta" or "fruit" is in this verb.  In a great sense, being fruitful means to enjoy what God has given you or bring enjoyment to the lives of others.  Being fruitful often comes from a desire to enjoy ones life.

One day, I said to myself, "You know, I'm going to make sure even if I'm walking down the stree, I'm going to enjoy my life!" :)   If was interesting, because as this thought was playfully swimming in my mind, I found myself speaking clearer than usual to other, more confidently, and more bodly!  Like I was living ON PURPOSE!

Being fruitful is directly connected to enjoying ones' own life.  They say, "When you perform music, don't forget to enjoy what you're doing!"  It's not really what you're playing that's most important; rather it's the fact that you enjoy what you do that attracts others to what you are doing!   When I teach my kids while I'm here in Spain.  I have to remind myself to ENJOY what I am doing because people can sense when you are not enjoying yourself.  It's like our first sense as human beings.  We literally just kinda know..

So enjoy your life!  That's is why our Savior came!  That is what Jesus is still dedicating his entire focus on to the glory of God: for us to have a VERY fruitful and abundant life. Let the critics like it or not!  Being fruitful means enjoy what God has given you today!  In other words, God created all things and told man, "This I made for you to enjoy in abundance. So enjoy!"   Nothing brings more pleasure to God than our faith, believing in great things and believing that with God all great things are possible and with God is an abundant and great and amazing life!  God is so good and great!  God be praised!!  

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