Sunday, June 22, 2014

Developing Character

How is Developing Character is Worth More Than winning a Million Dollars Instantly?  

by Jeremy Holloway 

Did you know that your debt is your golden ticket to earning a million dollars RIGHT NOW?   No kidding!  We are all standing on a gold mine, no matter what money we have.  We all, if we have debt, have debt because of the choices we make to support whatever life style we are choosing to have.  Millionaires have millions because of the life style they've chosen to have.  This isn't to make anyone feel bad.  There is a rich lesson in this that I would like to explore.

My wife and I were talking about a friend that is experiencing lack in an area in his life.  I was frustrated with a man who kept complaining about his situation and I was wondering what I should do to help him.  I thought at first that I could help give him what he has been complaining about...I thought, maybe I could give him advice.  I knew that complaining about the problem and blaming he very people who could give him what he wanted was not the answer to his problems..but I didn't know how to tell him about this; but my wife mentioned to me, "Maybe all we are supposed to do to support him is not give him what he wants, but just be a friend to him."  My wife (as always) is right.  That's really all we can do for our friends.  Even if our friends persuaded us to give them money or things to help ease their problem, it's not in our place to give them what they are asking whenever they ask, that would be rewarding and inabling the very behaviors that are keeping them from having what they want; they would end up doubly worse in the short/long run.  It would be better to pray with them if they ask, and love them where they are.   You also might consider praying to be around people with better practices in their lives as well.    Remember, you don't own anyone anything.   Remember this as well:  People don't have what they don't have for a reason.   People who are constantly looking at what they don't have will get more of it.   This comes from the principal of focus.  Whatever we focus on, we multiply or magnify in our own lives.   This is a choice we choose to make everyday.  It was hard for me to come to realize about my friend that by his own choices, he was and is keeping his own self away from the very thing that he wants to have in his life. And this is very sad.    And, yes, I have made the mistake of trying to mention very clearly what he "should" do, but who am I?  I am not in his position and know nothing about his life.   It's like the friends of Job in the Bible...his friends were saying things to help Job, but really they knew nothing about what was going on in Job's life.  Sometimes (really most times I believe) it is best to just mind our own business; after all, we do have enough business of our own to take care of.   I discovered that even if you did have the right information for your friends, if people aren't ready to hear you, they won't.  As long as God wants, it's just better to be a friend to them. And always pray for your friends : )  God can always turn stuff around so keep praying and NEVER give up! ;)

So what does this have to do with money?   Everything.  Everybody has the simple and easy potential to make a million dollars.  It's one or two life choices away.  It's not hard (so I've heard ;))   But I myself am determined to learn how to save a million dollars even if I didn't, or even if I did and then gave it away.  I think the practices learned to manage it can be priceless.  I know that if I was given the money (one million dollars today) without all the lessons and hard-earned practices and developed character necessary to maintain it, it would surely destroy my legacy-which are matchless in value and God ordained*.  That is why we all must be thankful that we are not given a "bailout" ticket out of our situations.  I believe that in our present situations, in the debt that we have, in the relationships we have now, God is telling many of us, "the moment you stop looking for somebody else to 'bail you out' is the moment you start living your destiny and I will give you all you need to live a truly and totally abundant and fruitful life in your day to day life with others."

*by the way, if God decided that you have the character and leadership skills to manage over a million dollars...ever heard of inheritances? :)  God can get you what ever tangibles, it's up to you to develop your character.  

Back to what I had mentioned:  You have a great blessing on your hands.  You have however-many hundreds or thousands of dollars in debt, or perhaps you have no debt, or you've saved for yourself a little money.   The ability to learn how to manage it and get out of debt and start saving money up to one million dollars is priceless.  Pray.  And guess what??  You have the ability to get all of these qualities RIGHT NOW!  Just make the very clear and unwavering decision!  Get around people who are doing the same, who are living the way you would like to with integrity.  Learn their good habits.  Change the old habits that are destroying your *pocket book. Begin living, loving, learning, and begin leading your legacy.   Stop looking for quick fixes.  Stop blaming the weather, the time, the people around you, yourself...No, get away form all that!  Get around people who will support you and start living your life the way God designed us to.  In other words, lead a life of legacy, build your character, self-control, love and help others, learn, become a better person and you will find the doors open so greatly that is will astound you!  You will find it will be unavoidable; blessings will chase you down and smiles will be all you see because you will have made the decision to stop trying to be blessed and just be a blessing for others for the rest of your life.

Here is my greatest, best and most grave and serious advice I can give you right now::  DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF.  Do not stop do things that will get you around the people who can sharpen your skills in life. Pray and ask God what are the people in your life that you are specifically called or encouraged to help?  Don't look for people far away to help or people who are not really connected to what you are doing right now.  No, help those God has given to you; feed your circle.  See to it that their dreams and desires are accomplished and you will find that your dreams will be accomplished as well. :)

Wow.  Well, I certainly learned a lot today.   I hope my words helped you in some way to see another lens through my life. :)  God bless you.

*I've heard of a show that displayed how a person's life or persons' lives after winning millions on the lottery are changed for worse;  Why?  There can be many reasons, but it's always amazing, I think, that the very money that those individuals wanted ended up being what destroys them in the end.  Perhaps what we all must look out for this:  The things we do (or don't do) in our lives simply reflect the kind of habits that we have (or are developing) in our lives as well.  Maybe God is saving us from death or a death of a priceless legacy by keep trillions of dollars from our hands instantly.  Perhaps the lesson here is:  millions of dollars only that much more intensifies the effect of what our habits bring us on a daily basis. Could it be that we have ways of thinking that are actually destroying us, but it is happening to slowly to notice?  At any rate, perhaps what is important is to realize this:  Since God loves us so much, this is why God must first work on our character before He can give us any great abundance in tangible wealth.  That is also why it is best to BUILD our wealth, because as we do, we will find that we are also building (really God is building) strong character in ourselves for many years (and generations) to come.  

If you'd like to accept Jesus into your life today, pray this simple prayer of God's love and grace today: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for all my sin; now Lord I invite you into my heart. Come and be my everything today and forever. Forgive my sin as I make You and you alone Lord in my life. Amen. Now read the book of God's love in the Bible: The book of John chapters 1-21. God promises He will guide your life. Pray and ask God to bring the right people into your life. God will guide you to the right church full of people who love His words in the Bible. Our God is so faithful. God bless you today.

Quick note:

If I was to win a million dollars though, this is what I would buy:

1. Enough fair stocks for my family (and other families) to live off of and grow in the gift of giving.
2. Godly Seminars to help me learn how to best live this life.
3. Things that would develop my character so I can keep all that God has given to me.   

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