Thursday, July 17, 2014

Being Satisfied

The Art of Being Satisfied

Being satisfied is not based on any condition, possessions or place.  Being, respectfully, satisfied is a decision.  That means perhaps in order to have it, we must master it. Being satisfied is a skill.  Practice being satisfied.  God's telling me these days to practice a healthy sense of being full with love, hope, caring compassion, and faith in God.  He's telling me that trusting God is a beautiful thing and quite feeble in the eyes of the world around us.  Trusting God is being weak and saying "God will protect me".  It's knowing that when we are exposed we can say, "God will cover me".   Satisfaction in him is just like trusting in God.  It is quite powerful spiritually speaking.  So how do we practice satisfaction?  This is a good question.  These are the things I feel God is leading me to know His satisfaction.


Reading God's word helps us find satisfaction in His promises alone.  As we read, we will see our lives through God's powerfully great marvelous super lenses.


Expect to see God's powerful work in and around you daily.  This brings great excitement to see what God is doing in your life!  This often involves thankfulness for what God is doing already in and around you now.  It's always right in front of your eyes and there on the forefront of your mind.  I hear God telling me, Stay expectant of what God has and will do for you and others in your life and others lives.

Speak;  Say So

Say it.  Tell others about God.  What God has done.  What HE is doing.  And remember to smile as you do Tell it to friends whom you trust today.   :)

Think So

Think about what God has will and is doing for others.  Think of others, how God is working in their lives.  Think of and pray for others often with all kinds of prayers, but not only prayers with your words, but also with your minds eye; see them, have vision for them well, made fearfully and wonderfully by God made.

Move So

When you move around, put an extra joyful spring in your step, and smile as you walk; smile at the other around you and cheer up their day!  Be a light on to this world even by the way that you move in the room.  Bless others with your ligthtness of and peacefullness of your motion.  Remember, walking is like dancing with God.  Dance with God as you walk through your everyday life.  Walk with God lightly.


Marvel at God, what He has done.  How do we marvel?  Be amazed at the seemingly "simple" things you see in life everyday.  A bird landing on your front porch.  Trees and their leaves.  The clear blue sky.  The abundance of a rain cloud.  Crops.  Seeds.  Silence.  All there in of is the greatness of God.  Marvel at the greatness of God throughout the day.


Remember what God has done.  Remind others of God's faithfulness.  Smile as you talk about it.  Talk to others about how God delivered the Israelites, How God delivered us over and over and over every day.  Wow, our God is faithful!

Be satisfied today.  Our God is great and our God is very very good!

Have a blessed day!

If you'd like to accept Jesus into your life today, pray this simple prayer of God's love and grace today: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for all my sin; now Lord I invite you into my heart. Come and be my everything today and forever. Forgive my sin as I make You and you alone Lord in my life. Amen. Now read the book of God's love in the Bible: The book of John chapters 1-21. God promises He will guide your life. Pray and ask God to bring the right people into your life. God will guide you to the right church full of people who love His words in the Bible. Our God is so faithful. God bless you today.

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