Friday, November 21, 2014

Why You Should Write Down Your Goals :)

Here are six practical reasons why you should write down your goals:
Writing down your goal...

1. Shows intention and commitment. Even if it is just showing that intention to yourself, this is a big first hurdle for a lot of ideas. Showing that you are serious about it will help you jump that first fence, and often it can be the biggest! It also proves to you that this is something important, worth spending time and energy on.

2. Makes the idea more concrete.  Instead of remaining in our thoughts, writing down a goal makes it real. Something we can look at, tweak, re-write as time goes on. Once it is on paper (online or wherever) it becomes separate from us, something we can work towards, not just think about.

3. Brings clarity. S.M.A.R.T. goals force us to be really specific about what the goal actually is, how we will achieve it, and when we want to reach it. A few doubts pop up while you are writing it down? Now is the time to plan for how you are going to overcome those doubts and fears. Again, be really specific about who you will ask to help, what steps you will take.

4. Motivates + builds confidence. This first step is a great motivator, so don’t underestimate how energized you will feel from just writing it down. Then take that energy and do something towards achieving your goal. Talk with others about it, join that gym, call a consultant to help you.

5. More likely to be achieved. There are a million references to a famous (but mythical) 1953 Yale study about why their graduates make 10 times more money (story goes, they write out their goals). This article expains the myth, but then supports with a more current study that show this to be true. Participants who wrote down their goals achieved much better results in just 30 days.

6. You can review. Goals that get pushed out of mind by other more pressing issues, are soon forgotten. Write your goal down and then set reminders to review, or post somewhere that you will see regularly. Eye on the prize is the name of the game when it comes to achieving something significant.

Information was found on: Success: 6 Reasons to Write Down your Goals


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