Saturday, December 6, 2014

Think with the Mind of Christ : )

Proverbs 3:5 and 6

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
    don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
    he’s the one who will keep you on track.

If you are thinking all the time with just your mind and never acknowledging the spirit that woke you up today, neither acknowledging your heart nor your spirit, you are lagging way behind.  Did you know that your mind serves your spirit and not the other way around?   I have seen people try to use their mind to figure out what their spirit is trying to tell them and it never works that way, but God normally talks to our spirit.  That's why He commands us: Be still and know that I am God.

God is faithful to help us.  We want to find a short cut to trusting.  Figuring it out and trusting God are very closely related.   We want to figure it out so that we don't have to trust God.  We want to have it all together so that we can work independently.  But we were made for God.  So we will always be imperfect people, but we will still have to trust that God is in control and He knows what He is doing.  No matter what we will still have to give him the glory in our lives and say that even though we didn't know all of the details, God still helped us through our entire lives! :)  

Think with the mind of Christ.

We can trust and know that He is God.  Most of all, in everything we learn not to judge Him others or even ourselves.  That has never been our job.  That's why we're so bad at it!  I am finishing my masters and am tempted to think that I know something... But even though I am in an academic field, I remind myself that I need God and I am not to worship anything under God, even if it is desirable for gaining wisdom.  We will do our best if we think with the mind of Christ and Christ alone.  Yes, the mind of Christ is enough for any and all circumstances and situations.  Get into the mind of Christ today.  Let His mind guide and discern where you will go and what you will do and how you will think about things today.  Yes, He is faithful!  He will guide you today! :)

If you'd like to accept Jesus into your life today, pray this simple prayer of God's love and grace today: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for all my sin; now Lord I invite you into my heart. Come and be my everything today and forever. Forgive my sin as I make You and you alone Lord in my life. Amen. Now read the book of God's love in the Bible: The book of John chapters 1-21. God promises He will guide your life. Pray and ask God to bring the right people into your life. God will guide you to the right church full of people who love His words in the Bible. Our God is so faithful. God bless you today.

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