Thursday, January 29, 2015

24 Ways I pray to GROW UP!

Here are twenty-four ways I need to grow up.  I thought about this again after these instructions came in my heart:  Before you go in to work, REJOICE!  After after you finish work, conceal the work experience by reading one scripture; then go in your home and give your best to your family!  Whether I am doing these things now or whenever, I know that I will need to observe these things to be successful in my practical life I think for the rest of my life.  Look at them and see if there are any that you would add for yourself?

1. Don't eat unhealthily after 8pm.
2. Make the Lord your ultimate counselor
3. Take responsibility for all of your actions
4. Volunteer to help others; learn not to expect money in return
5. Be comfortable and patient to endure a little pain every now and then; always expect positive results from it.
6. Find the good out of everything without complaint
7. Don't point the finger, ever
8. Stay away from sweets and overdosing on sugars, stay metabolically balanced and focused.
9. Simplify your life and your work
10. Be focused and consistent to do the things that will really matter in the end and do those things consistently for the rest of your life.
11. Forgive, just forgive
12. Help people know what to expect from you
13. Offer your talents and abilities to the world without hesitation and without high demand for repayment. Never wait to do it.  Just do it.
14. Don't wait to plan for the practical things of life.
15. Begin healthy habits of saving, investing, using leverage, managing and stewarding what you've been given.
16. Always know what belongings you have.  If you find this difficult to do, this may mean you have too much and should consider selling what extra you have until you find it easy to manage and recall all there is physically that you have.
17. Be willing
18. Stay in your circle. Make sure that circle pushes you to go outside your box.
19. Monitor your amount of rest.
20. When you exercise, wisely push yourself a little beyond your limits every time.
21. Remember to talk to yourself, say I am blessed with favor! to brighten your day.
22. Remember to talk to strangers (cashiers, fellow customers in line at the grocery store, the bank, the office) and brighten their day.
23. Remember to smile. :)
24. Practice.  Always prepare before you do something, whether big or small. Give something better than regular or off the cuff. Deliver quality and make the experience memorable and enjoyable for everybody.
*Review.  Survey what you have done and be thankful and be willing to improve.

If you'd like to accept Jesus into your life today, pray this simple prayer of God's love and grace today: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for all my sin; now Lord I invite you into my heart. Come and be my everything today and forever. Forgive my sin as I make You and you alone Lord in my life. Amen. Now read the book of God's love in the Bible: The book of John chapters 1-21. God promises He will guide your life. Pray and ask God to bring the right people into your life. God will guide you to the right church full of people who love His words in the Bible. Our God is so faithful. God bless you today.

* = extra

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