Monday, February 16, 2015

I had a great dream

I had a dream that I owned a building that rose high and no one could stop it and it made me powerful and it started with just one song that met everyone on the earth.  The building stands firm and all people see it and are amazed.

Jesus was in my dream; Jesus made the dream come to pass and everyone knew it.   Everyone knew that.  Everyone knows that it's because of Jesus that I rule over the earth than God made me ruler over.

Yes.  I believe.  I can not be stopped.  God is on my side there is no one else that I need but God and His amazing and awesome presence.  

If you'd like to accept Jesus into your life today, pray this simple prayer of God's love and grace today: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for all my sin; now Lord I invite you into my heart. Come and be my everything today and forever. Forgive my sin as I make You and you alone Lord in my life. Amen. Now read the book of God's love in the Bible: The book of John chapters 1-21. God promises He will guide your life. Pray and ask God to bring the right people into your life. God will guide you to the right church full of people who love His words in the Bible. Our God is so faithful. God bless you today.

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