Friday, April 17, 2015

Repeat After Me: God Set Me Free; Today I Got Set Free!

Today, I realize that God set me free!  I realize that all the times I tried to set myself free, just like quick sand, I got more in the debt, more in the trouble, more in a snare, but today I realize that I'm supposed to share my testimony wherever God has me.  I will share my testimony about how God set me free and how i was trying to be free myself and got myself into so much trouble. I couldn't accept the life God gave me to be blessed because I felt like there was something else I deserved, but God set me so free and He will set you free as well!  God is good good great great.  Two times more than you think He is. God is amazing! Trust Him and let Him set you free today.

I was a sinner, a liar, a cheater, some of my favorites were short-cut-taking. I loved taking short-cuts.  It just became a habit.  If I could get there quicker then I'd take it.  I told myself I didn't mind waiting, but I would try to skip over those instructions in the manual to build that project, I would cut in front of that driver on the road to make it a few seconds earlier to my destination.  I would empress an individual with words to try and win their favor before earning it with steady faithful actions.  Today, I realize God set me free from all that garbage.  I'm now going at the pace He has set up for me and for my godly success.  I am a success because I trust in the name of the Lord my God.  So are you!

I'm looking forward to a life of freedom. A life with no shame.  A life of love and victory in Jesus for you and me!  In Jesus' name we have spoken it.  Amen.

If you'd like to accept Jesus into your life today, pray this simple prayer of God's love and grace today: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for all my sin; now Lord I invite you into my heart. Come and be my everything today and forever. Forgive my sin as I make You and you alone Lord in my life. Amen. Now read the book of God's love in the Bible: The book of John chapters 1-21. God promises He will guide your life. Pray and ask God to bring the right people into your life. God will guide you to the right church full of people who love His words in the Bible. Our God is so faithful. God bless you today.

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