Sunday, April 26, 2015

Have you ever been annoyed or offended at Christian music in your car before?

One day I was driving in my car and I was listening to K-love Christian radio.  For some odd reason the song was really agitating me and I thought to myself "what is happening?" because I used to like that song..  So I turned to another station and listened to a different song, but even that song was bothering me too.  Finally, since we have three Christian radio stations that I like my home town, I turned to that station and listened to the song, but the same thing happened!  Finally, I just decided to turn off my radio and pray in silence..and that's when the Holy Spirit put something in my heart to pray for someone.  I realized something then: That God's Holy Spirit wants to spend time with us and sometimes without the aid or assistance of anything the point that even Christian music or worship music can sometime be only a distractor.

Sometimes we might be offended at something and not really know why?  I encourage you to be careful because it may not be particularly that person or that particular thing that is offensive or offending you, but God trying to get our attention.  You may like Christian music and something in the back ground at all times, but sometimes God (in a good way) is jealous of all that stuff and He just wants our attention wholly.  That's when I have to realize that I have to quiet myself to see what God is trying to speak to me through His word and often times in being still before him.

The Holy Spirit sometime just wants to spend time with us for no particular agenda of our own.  It may be for growing in fellowship with him, and if that's on the Holy Spirit's agenda, then it is important.  God's helping me to realize that the extra time spent with the Holy Spirit might be what someone else needs who I will meet later that day or evening.  We all really need after all is His presence more than we need anything else.  There was a child who brought to Jesus five loathes of bread and two fish to feed a multitude of five thousand people.  All the people who were there were feed by Jesus miraculously feeding them with this small amount of food, but here is what I want us to see:  The people thought all they needed was food, but what they really needed to satisfy them was the presence of someone who was there. The source is Jesus Christ.  From him comes our satisfaction.  Jesus feed the multitude, but I believe what they got was even more than a feeding of physical food.  They caught a glimpse and a taste of God's presence and the joy he brings along with him everywhere he goes.

"After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper." 1 Kings 19:12

Next time you find yourself getting offended and you don't know why, spend time with God.  It's a great habit to do so and you will become better and better and better from it and it's contagious.

God bless you today.

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