Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a BOLD and POWERFUL Leader in Christ

You may receive opposition even from the closest friends in your life, but you must remember to not give over your power to anyone but Jesus Christ, your Head, who is LORD and the most powerful over your life.
Loving others is not making them happy.  Loving others is praying for the best in their lives.  Now this role is different for each person, male, female, teacher, judge, mail man, husband in a family, the wife, but they are at the same time the same.  We must both and all lay down our lives.

But we must learn how to be humble, yet be a bold and fearless leader as we follow Christ.  Lord teach us how to do this!

For example, I am learning not to cover up my flaws to make it easier for people to love me. I am learning: Be transparent, make your mistakes, own them and walk forward in love.  Be always willing to be "weak" around others because it is when you are weak that you are the strongest you have ever been before!   It was when Jesus broke the bread that over 5,000 people were feed.  Church, you are the bread that Jesus wants to break to feed the people around them.  We need boldly broken people looking to Jesus so that others can be broken people looking to Jesus as well.   Eggs shells translates as pride.  A person easily offended is waaay to focused on themselves.  This hurts for me because this describes what I was like for so long, but Jesus is healing me and now I understand that I have been accused so much of being the one who others had to walk on egg shells that I didn't notice the egg shells I had to walk over to avoid others from blowing up as well.  I realized that there are others around me focusing too much on themselves as well.  Here's the point:  There are many insecure people around us focused too much on themselves and as a result growing exceedingly puffed up on their own pride to the rough and it feels like walking around landmines because the enemy wants to take Christians' confidence away from where it belongs: In Christ!  Confidence in Christ is contagious and it's the power of God to wake up this generation!  And it's the one thing the enemy DOES NOT want to happen to us because that would mean Christians are more focused on Christ and the needs of other people than they are themselves!  This confidence is more powerful than the spirit of insecurity. God has not given us a spirit of timidity or fear, but a spirit of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND and SELF-CONTROL.   Once you are set free you are never going back the same where you came! You will be a healthy solider giving confidence in Christ to others.  Spend time with Jesus today.  The most confident person that we can be around is Jesus.  Jesus is alive and you can invite Him into your life today, but here's the key:  Give up the power of insecurity; tell Him about it and anything else, besides Him, that you let control your life give it up and confess that God is stronger, more powerful and greater than you and He is with you.

Be strong and very courageous.  The battle is not yours.  The battle is the Lords.  We don't fight against flesh and blood.  Pray with joy!  Praise God!  Fight the good fight with faith God's way and you will be victorious in every place you step.

Like I said, I had been walking on egg shells for years and now I will live my life with boldness and with freedom in Christ and without fear of offending hurting or making someone else angry I will live free from all this in Jesus name Amen This is the unhappy life that Bill Cosby was talking about we're not living to please people were living to not offend people and make him angry and hurt us but that is no way to live we're making it easier trying to make it easy for people to love us but we need to stop doing that love needs to be deeper than that

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