Friday, August 30, 2019

Because That's What REAL men do!

That's What Real Men Do

"...Be strong and be a man"  1 Kings 2:2b

This morning after a run I went to go take a shower and I noticed that the detachable shower head was always facing in the direction that the shower doors opened.   So when you turn on the shower head all the water comes running out of the shower area in onto the floor next to the door. 

As I was trying to adjust it I was very tempted to start thinking to myself, complaining really, that it was my wife who was the last one to adjust the shower head (because she had just finished giving our daughter a bath, being the wonderful mom she is) and I was tempted to complain about her and then I heard the enemy try to say things about her character and the things that she does and etc. 

But then I also thought arrogantly on my high horse about poor me having to adjust a shower head in the morning!  But, then at that moment a MIRACLE happened!  I actually thought about myself and thought why don't I just adjust the shower head. And then my arrogant self thought, "well would she just mess it up again?"  But then I realized that it's not my wife AT ALL who is the problem in this scenario! It's not me!  It's the shower head!!!   And then I thought to myself, What do real men do?? Do they blame their wives for the problems around the house??   Do they find problems and look for someone to blame?? Oh, and of course, then they, being high on their horse and arrogant, think, "Oh, poor me because of all these people beneath me!?  Absolutely not!  So what do real men do?? 

Real men don't complain about their wives because of the problems that are around them! Real men don't tell their wives to just get used to it! Real men change the situation! Real men change the whole Playing field and set up their wives and their families for success!   Real men work hard to make it easy for their wives to live a Victorious life!  

It's up to me to change the shower head!! That's what real men do! They fix and change, NOT THEIR WIVES, but the environment and make it easy and successful ground for their wives! That's what real men do and guess what?  We have the GREATEST example, because that's what God did. 

This is what God did when He saw that you and I who were sinners and could never pay the debt that we had.  God was tempted to but he did not just complain about us.  He did something about it! He changed the Playing field for us!  He set up things for our success!  He made it so we can be all that we were created to be!  He sent his only Son so that he can make it easy for us to come into salvation and back into the family!  Because THAT'S WHAT REAL MEN DO!  That's what real men do.  That's what a real God does! Stop looking to gods that can not hear,  can not see, can not touch, can not feel, can not love, and therefore, can not save you!  A real GOD is POWERFUL enough to change the environment and make it a successful playing field for you to be united with Him and be all that you were made to be together! 

God gave us men the power to change the playing field for our families to be successful!  I believe God gave women that same power!  But as for me, that's what real men do!  So that is what my prayer is for you today. Stop complaining about your wives and your children. 

Be the husbands, be the fathers, be the men of God that you are called to be! Stand up and change the playing field for them. But before you do that buy a new shower head for that dang shower :-) 

That's what husband do! 
That's what father's do! 
That's what real men do!

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